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  • 作家相片Yuyu Liu

In-depth interviews with researchers in times of the COVID-19 pandemic



Interviewed and wrote a report on how educational researchers adapted their research during pandemic


Research Context:

When I was an intern researcher at Research Centre for Teaching & Plurilingual Interaction (GREIP) at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), I would like to know the research plans and adaptions of early career researchers in times of the COVID-19 pandemic where many primary research work could not be conducted physically and needed to be postponed.


  1. In-depths interviews over zoom meetings

  2. Report writing


  1. Researchers find it takes more time to prepare for teaching, researching, and writing all online and it's difficult to find a balance between personal life and work.

  2. Researchers suggest having back-up plans for different possible scenarios of future research and to be flexible with ways of collecting data and materials.

To find my article published in the Journal Bellaterra Journal of Teaching & Learning (Top 25% Journal), please visit

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