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  • Designed and delivered the after-school program, Night Angel

  • Support deprived students' dinner and evening activities

  • ​Boosted children's multi-intelligence and social interaction through board games

Night Angel After-School Program: Research


  • Promote deprived children’s multiple intelligences through hands-on and playful experiences

  • Provide deprived children educational activities, proper dinner, and quality companion in the evening

Night Angel After-School Program: Text

Stakeholders: Parents, teachers, and the coordinator

Night Angel After-School Program: Text



To prepare the programs, our team needed to match teachers’ talents with classes. So, it turns out that we had board game class, film-watching class, cooking class, and coding class.

Executing and Management

I was particularly in charge of designing and delivering boardgame class and film-watching class.

Through board games, students practiced storytelling and English. We discuss issues of global warming and tax regulations. Board games provide great game rhetoric for children to learn though play as well as social interaction with peers.

Night Angel After-School Program: Text


  • Children achieved better academic performance after participating in this program. 

  • Children were happy to have fun experiences in doing all these activities and finished their homework in time as well. 

Night Angel After-School Program: Text
Night Angel After-School Program: Pro Gallery
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