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Personal Statement Editing Services

Hi! Nice to see you here? 

My motivation letter editing service highlights co-working to best suit your interests. It means, after the iteration of my editing/ suggestions/ revision, you also need to revise a bit and participate in adding your personal content or ideas accordingly. By the end of my iteration, your motivation letter or personal statement should be well done and can be submitted already. 

So my editing services charge usually around  €200 per document, depending on the completion of your draft. Please send your draft, the link to application requirements of your desired program, and your any relating questions to I’ll tell you the price after examining how much work it will take. 

The service is based on Word files or Google documents through emails. Each price includes 3 iterations. If you need a video call to talk about it, you may add €10 for a 40 min call! 

After you agree on the price and I receive your payment, I’ll send you my first iteration within 3 days. Please 1️⃣ review my editing and revise the file according to my suggestions and comments 2️⃣ answer my questions if I have any 3️⃣note down any questions you might come up 4️⃣send it back to me! After each of your reply, I’ll reply to you with a new iteration within 3 days! 🤗

The 3 iterations including:

1. Suggestions/tips for content (Brainstorming to bring out your best merits to suit the desired program)

2. Restructure your article (Showing your academic writing skills)

3. Edit the sentences (To reach a tone that shows your optimism and confidence) 

4. Proofread (the last iteration) 

Please do send your draft to me! 😄 Also, feel free to ask more questions!

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